Q:  Why Do People Use A Personal Coach?  Shouldn't People Be Able To Sort Out Problems By Themselves?

A:  Coaching is not about solving problems.  It is about taking action and moving forward.  People who have a Personal Coach are always already successful and self-aware in one way or another.  How else do they know that there is more to achieve, that balance and fulfilment are important?  Individuals who are committed to investing in themselves get results more quickly and effortlessly through coaching.

Q:  Is Coaching Only For Professionals & Executives?

A:  No.  People at every level face increasing pressure. Who would not benefit from the support of someone completely on their side? Male, female, young or old: all humans experience the same range of emotion, worry and fear and we all have the same capacity to learn and change.  Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their performance or get better results.