“My dreams are much more achievable than I thought.  The important thing is to recognise them and reach for them, starting with small steps.”

“The most valuable thing about coaching for me, was the fact that I made time for myself, not just to eat or see a movie, but to really work on myself in a bigger perspective.”

“Coaching, for me, is like a torch that illuminates my mind, allowing me to find the tools.”


“Coaching forced me to think about what is missing in my life.  Not just in terms of grand ideals, but the nuts and bolts that make real changes.  I began immediately to work on the small changes, untying the knots one by one.  Many of these deeds have led to great things.  The last five months have been some of the happiest in my life.”

“I realised the importance of setting myself goals and focusing on what I want to do in the future rather than being totally caught up in the lives of my children and husband. I realised that I do have unfulfilled ambitions.”